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Colon cancer is a type of cancer that begins in large intestine of our digestive system. It is common in adults and older age but can occur in any age group.

What causes colon cancer?

There are various complex genetic and molecular level of changes in body that causes colon cancer after long time. Those whose family and first degree relatives have cancer have high chance of developing cancer themselves. Food habits like: high fatty food and low fibre in diet also has some role. As all the type of cancer, smoking also provokes for the colon cancer,

What are the symptoms of colon cancer?

The symptoms of colon cancer may vary depending upon the individual case. Some have early symptoms and some presents later. Common among many of them are:

How to be sure if you have colon cancer?

There are various measures and tests available to be sure if your doctor thinks you have colon cancer.

Colonoscopy done; Image source: Webmd.com

How to treat colon cancer?

Your docotor may use different treatment modalities depending upon the stages and grading of the cancer. If its diagnosed in early stage surgery may be done to remove cancer tissue. In late cases chemotherapy or radiation may be useful.

How to prevent from colon cancer?

Prevention is better than cure. You can follow the following healthy practices for preventing the colon cancer:

Image source: Coloncancerpreventionproject.org

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